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The exceptional performance of All-Clad cookware is the result of meticulously bonding together, or "cladding," various metals of unique properties. This bonding process produces collective characteristics that individual metals cannot achieve on their own. Each All-Clad cookware line has a unique aesthetic appeal, and all offer exemplary cooking performance. Choosing your All-Clad collection is as easy as combining your sense of style with the way you like to cook. We offer frying pans in Stainless, d3 Armor, d5 Brushed, d7, and Copper-Core.

Stainless: Premium tri-ply construction throughout the pan delivers even heat distribution - without hot spots

D3 Armor: Easy-release Armor cookware features an innovative bonded matrix that reduces sticking without compromising exceptional searing and browning capabilities. Better release than Stainless* Superior durability than nonstick    

D5 Brushed: Representing the best in American craftsmanship, All-Clad's d5 Stainless Steel line incorporates five-layer bonded construction as well as functional advances that make it the finest stainless-steel cookware to date.

D7: The patented seven-ply construction throughout the vessel delivers supreme evenness of heating resulting in perfect searing, browning, and pan frying.

Copper-Core: The ultimate in cookware, this All-Clad premiere line features the patented Copper-Core five-ply bonded design with a thick copper center core to maximize heat conductivity. The copper ply is bonded to aluminum to enhance heat distribution while reducing weight.

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