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Thai Basic Class 7/18 (Lonsdale)


When I graduated from high school I went traveling around the world.  Well, my intention was to do this...instead I started in Thailand and pretty much stayed there the whole time.  One of the reasons was the amazing, fresh, and complex food.  I look forward to the day I am able to go back there and feast once again.  Until then, I have learned how to do my best to re-create some of those amazing flavours!


  • Green Papaya salad - Breakfast on the beach...made fresh in front of you as you direct the flavour profile to your liking...telling her what to add more or less of.  'Som Tom Thai'  (my si goong mi si pong shoo rots...tua yut yut)  This was for dried shrimp, no msg, and lots of peanuts!
  • Pad Thai - The classic tourist dish no one could go wrong with.....
  • Green Coconut Curry - One of my all time favourites......
  • Mango and Sticky rice - a classic Thai dessert.....


3 hours

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