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Chef Denise Marchessault: FUNDAMENTALS SERIES

We’re pleased to offer a new 6-part Daytime Cooking Series, ideal for those with flexibility in the day -- shift workers, students, new parents, or retired individuals -- wanting to expand their culinary horizons.

Join BC From Scratch author, Denise Marchessault, for a cooking series that will change the way you cook, shop for, and think about food.

This practical series covers the classic fundamentals of cooking, the building blocks that lead to great-tasting food. The course will highlight BC’s seasonal abundance, from land and sea, and address your cooking conundrums along the way. You’ll learn sound techniques and straightforward recipes that will rejuvenate your cooking repertoire.

Whether you’re a reluctant novice or a seasoned cook, this course is certain to boost your confidence in the kitchen and fill in those culinary gaps.

We highly recommend that you register for all 6 classes of the series.  If you do, you will receive a complimentary copy of Chef Denise's Cookbook, to follow along during the classes.

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