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CDN Programmable Probe Thermometer and Timer


Perfect for roasting or grilling. The unit has been pre-programmed with 6 meat/poultry choices and various doneness temperatures. The pre-programmed temperatures are based on USDA safe cooking temperatures. The TASTE mode will not allow the user to undercook when it is not safe to do so. Both the taste chosen and the temperature will be displayed during cooking. Simply insert the probe into the food, place the food in to the oven or barbecue and close the oven door (or grill cover) directly over the probe cable. 
Alert Mode: This feature allows the user to set a desired cooking temperature. This is perfect when the user prefers a different temperature than has been pre-programmed.

For candy or deep frying, attach the stainless steel clip to the saucepan edge and insert the probe into the mixture. Set the desired internal food temperature using the ALERT mode, then wait for the alarm to indicate when the cooking is done. It's that easy. Complete instructions with candy and oil temperature guides are included. 
The control module can sit on a counter top or the magnet can attach to a convenient surface. DO NOT attach to a hot barbecue as the plastic case will melt. 
In MEAT mode, the cooking temperature is continuously displayed along with the set temperature, type of meat and taste preference. 
When using the TIMER mode, the time counting up or down is shown at the top of the module. It counts down or up by minutes. The timer alarms for 60 seconds when the set time is reached. 
Note: Remove sticker from display before use.

- Digital, programmable thermometer; high-heat, stainless steel probe and cable
- Great for roasts, barbecue, candy-making, and deep-fat frying
- Check internal food temperatures without opening oven door; alarm sounds when food is done
- Runs off a single AAA battery (included)
- Measures temperatures from 32 to 482 F / 0 to 250 C

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