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1000 Juices, Green Drinks & Smoothies


An informative and appealing full-color guide for new and devoted juicers alike.

1000 Juices, Green Drinks and Smoothies is the ultimate guide to juicing, with 100 foundation juices and 900 variations. It provides all of the essential information on equipment, fruit and vegetable ingredients and their health benefits, dairy products and non-dairy alternatives, sugar substitutes, nuts and seeds, flavorings, and supplements and additives.

The book contains seven chapters, with each base recipe having at least two variations. There are also handy tips, notes on health benefits and suggestions for special diets.

The recipes include: 
- Breakfast Blasts -- Quick, energy-fueling, taste-engaging and filling smoothies for the most important meal of the day, such as Coffee Fix and Granola in a Glass - Cleansing Drinks -- Detoxifying and invigorating drinks that are great additions to a regular health regime, such as Pomegranate and Aloe Juice and Vegetarian Special Salad Juice - Restorative Drinks -- Restorative drinks with high nutrient content to perk up the skin, combat sluggishness and restore a general sense of well-being, such as Cold-busting Smoothie and Wheatgrass Booster - Super Energy Boosters -- Natural sugars, vitamins and minerals to provide the body with an extra energy burst at short notice, such as Herbal Fruit Sports Special and Coconana Protein Milk - Thirst Quenchers -- Bright, refreshing flavors combining fruits and vegetables, and sometimes soda water, such as Watermelon and Coconut Smoothie, and Pear Zinger - Cooling Shakes -- Ice cold and thoroughly delicious milkshakes full of natural fruit goodness, hidden nutritional supplements and low-fat options, such as Strawberry Smoothie and Mocha Shake - Perfect for Parties -- Quick-to-fix party-perfect drinks for all ages, such as Yuletime Punch and Melon and Ginger Daiquiri Fizz - Mocktails -- Sassy, alcohol-free drinks, such as Virgin Mary and Egg Nog.

1000 Juices, Green Drinks and Smoothies is the ultimate guide to this national food and health sensation.

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