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Aarke Sparkling Water Carbonator


The world’s first sparkling water maker designed with a complete stainless steel enclosure. The Aarke sparkling water maker is designed from the inside and out to become extremely compact. This is one of the secrets behind its good looks. Despite its compact design, the Aarke machine features a unique safety system consisting of 3 independent safety valves.

The lever both carbonates the water and automatically releases the pressure in the bottle. Just push the lever and hold it until you hear a buzz, then release it and unscrew the bottle from the machine. It couldn’t be simpler.


  • Aarke Polished Steel Sparkling Water Maker
  • 1 BPA free PET Water bottle
    • Capacity: 1L (0.8 L to filling indication)
  • Instruction Manual

NOTE: Gas cylinder not included
Compatible with CO2 cylinders from Sodastream, and many other 60L cylinders for sparkling water makers.

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