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Authentic Italian in a flash! Class 10/18 (Lonsdale)

Authentic Italian in a flash! Class 10/18 (Lonsdale)

$90.00 Location: Lonsdale Cooking School
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Delicious, Satisfying and Comforting Italian Meals in a Flash!  Learn how to prepare authentic Italian antipasti, a hearty, creamy and delicious main course stew, fresh baked focaccia and delicious chocolate dessert using traditional cooking methods.  We will also learn to use pressure cookers to save time while still delivering superb results!  These recipes can easily be whipped up on a weeknight; but, are special enough for a weekend. This menu is inspired by my Sous-Chef, John, at Decca 77.


  • Vibrant, Delectable and Comforting Italian Antipasti (Appetizer) Platter:  
    • Chili-Parmesan-Lemon Poached Cod in a light Bechamel, with Golden Sauteed Leeks, Peas, Basil and 9 minute eggs
    • Whipped White Bean Puree, drizzled with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkled with Fresh Dill, Mint and Parsley
    • Insalata A Fagiolo - Light and savoury Italian Salad with Buttery Albacore Tuna & Cannellini Beans, Peppery Arugula, shaved Red Onion and Balsamic-Extra Virgin Olive Oil-Parsley & Tomatoes
    • Golden-toasted Crostini topped with Cashew-Vegan-Ricotta “Cheese”, sprinkled with Shaved Lemon and a Light Drizzle of Honey
  • Fresh, Golden and Chewy Focaccia - drizzled with DOP Italian Olive Oil, sprinkled with fresh picked Rosemary and a pinch of Maldon Sea Salt
  • Ribollita Toscano - Glossy, Velvety and Hearty Tuscan Stew with Buttery Cannellini Beans, and a Rainbow Medley of Powerhouse Vegetables (Carrots, Celery, Red Onion, Tomatoes, Potatoes and Delicate Lacinato Kale) topped with Crispy and Juicy Sauteed Chicken and sprinkled with loads of Freshly Shaved Parmesan Cheese
  • Budino-al-Cioccolato - Luscious and Creamy, Traditional Italian Dark Chocolate Pudding

Hands-on and Demonstration

3 hours

Please note: We will do our best to accommodate all allergies and dietary sensitivities or restrictions, but our facilities come in contact with all types of foods. We cannot guarantee there will be no cross-contamination. Please let us know of any dietary concerns when you are placing your order, in the notes section of your shopping cart.

Lonsdale Cooking School

1230 Lonsdale Ave
Vancouver, BC V7M 2H6

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