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Caron & Doucet Cast Iron Scrub 11oz


Plant-based cast iron salt scrub that removes rust & food residues.

Cast Iron salt scrub that helps to fortify and protect your natural seasoning. Unlike metal scrubbers on the market, this cast iron scrub will not scratch the surface of your cast iron resulting in the increased longevity of your cookware. Made of ingredients approved for food contact surfaces: cast iron pans, skillets, dutch ovens, and cast iron pots. 

100% natural formula (no synthetic ingredients)
Helps develop and build up a natural "non-stick" seasoning
Completely free of mineral oil and petroleum by-products
Keeps your cookware looking and working like new!
Highly shelf stable.

Directions: add one tablespoon to the cooking surface. Use clean cloth and rub surface in a circular motion until all stuck on food is removed. Rinse pan with hot water and finish with Caron & Doucet's Cast Iron Soap. For best results, season the cast iron cookware using Caron & Doucet's Cast Iron Oil on a regular basis.

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