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CDN Meat/Yeast Cooking Thermometer

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Designed for meat, poultry, bread and yeast, the CDN Meat & Yeast Thermometer features a food-safe, non-mercuric column. The MYT200 scale shows USDA recommended temperatures for safe cooking. The MYT200 can also help you know when your bread is perfectly cooked. Expect bread to be done when the temperature reaches 190 to 200 F.

Also use the MYT200 thermometer to check the temperature of liquids before incorporating with active dry yeast. Add yeast to be dissolved when the liquid temperature is 105 to 115 F. The MYT200 thermometer can remain in food during cooking. However, the glass in this thermometer is not designed to withstand the elevated temperatures under a broiler or in some covered barbecue grills. The ovenproof MYT200 is made of durable stainless steel and durable laboratory glass. 5 year limited warranty.  

- Temperature range: 105 degrees to +200 degrees F and 40 to 93 degrees C
- Perfect for cooking all meat, bread baking & recipes using yeast
- Easy to use colour scale
- Premium grade stainless steel scale, stem & protective sheath
- Indicating column is visible at room temperature

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