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Cregg Egg Topper


This 2-in-1 gadget's main function is an egg topper that makes removing the shell from a boiled egg easy. A stainless steel ring functions like a glasscutter to cut through the shell with ease. Simply place the cutter wheels, which are not sharp enough to hurt you, faced down atop the egg and twist with a simple back and forth motion. This will cut the shell, which can then easily be removed with a spoon or knife. After the eggshell is removed, use the Cregg as a stand to hold up your egg!

  • 3-in-1 design: Egg topper, egg cup and napkin ring
  • Stainless steel wheel functions like a glass cutter to cut egg shell
  • To open egg, simply place cregg on top of the egg, twist in both directions and remove
  • Once the eggshell is removed, use the Cregg as a stand to hold up your egg
  • Available in the following colors: White, Black, Red, Orange, Purple, Green & Yellow
  • Made entirely in Bielefeld, Germany

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