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de Buyer Mineral B Frying Pan 8''/20cm


The most "eco" friendly cookware on Earth. This pan is 100% natural with 99% pure iron and a Beeswax Finish to fight against oxidation while helping season the pan. This pan is excellent for Searing, Browning, and Grilling. The more the pan is used, the better the performance as the chef creates their own non-stick surface. The darker the pan becomes the better it is for natural non-stick properties. This pan has no PTFE or PFOA and has no chemicals added. Environment safe production in France by deBuyer Industries which has been in business for 180 years. Tradition is the key as Mineral Pan is an authentic French design called "Lyonnais" shape with a curved handle "a la Francaise". It is a symbol of French Gastronomy.

- 100% Natural and 99% Pure Iron
- Guaranteed without PTFE or PFOA and no chemicals added; naturally non-stick after seasoning
- Bee Wax was discovered by deBuyer as a by-product in nature to help protect these pans against oxidation and assist in seasoning
- Care : don't put it in the dishwasher, deglaze with hot water for washing, use coarse salt for sterilizing
- Made in France
- Size: 8"

- How to season a de Buyer pan

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