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The Plant Based Foodie


We are in the midst of a plant-based food renaissance. In Vancouver and around the world, more people are thinking more deeply about and changing their diets than ever before. There are lots of reasons for this shift: the rise of documentaries like Food, Inc. has brought the horrific realities of factory farming into our living rooms; social media has created communities that share knowledge, recipes and encouragement; a political climate of distrust in government and corporate institutions to look after animals the way we’d like, to name a few.

Vancouver has always been a trailblazer in all things food and especially plant-based. The Plant-based Foodie Cookbook features the stories and recipes of the leading Vancouver Plant-based businesses. Put simply, the message of this book is that plant-based food is awesome. Historically, rightly or wrongly, there is an impression vegetarian and vegan food tastes bad. This is absolutely not the case today. It is quoted that there are 3 reasons to follow a plant--based diet; 1) environment, 2) health and 3) compassion for animals. Now there is a 4th; it’s awesome.

- Written, edited and published in Vancouver
- Printed sustainably in Canada
- Hardcover 8.5"x 11"
- 224 pages
- Over 100 Recipes & 1000 Photos

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