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Emile Henry Creme Brulee 5" Set/2


Crème Brûlée, crème caramel and pots de crème all perform beautifully in Emile Henry's Crème Brûlée dish. The uniqueness of burgundy clay allows any custard to evenly reach the perfect temperature creating a perfectly smooth and creamy dessert. The beauty of the dishes needs no other garnish than a glossy coating of caramel glaze or a small sprinkle of poweded sugar. The piece can also be used for appetizers or small individual lasagna.

The crème brûlée stacking dishes are glazed in the serene and sophisticated colors and are designed to best bake and serve a decadent creamy crème brûlée and to double for food prep and side dish serving. Although crème brûlée or "burnt cream" is one of the most elegant, popular desserts in cosmopolitan restaurants all over the world, the ingredients are simple and the dish unpretentious. The 4.7-inch wide crème brûlée dish, is shallow so every bite offers a taste of the sensuous custard along with a taste of the sugar glaze. Deeper, narrower dishes don't offer that perfect balance.

Size: 4.7"

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