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Kasskonnen Brotform 10.5" Round Proofing Basket


The Kasskonnen brotform is made of high quality natural cane that measures over 8MM (0.32") in diameter, which is thicker and stronger than the material used by many competitors, one of the reasons why Kasskonnen is the leading brand used by many commercial artisanal bakeries. A well constructed brotform shall have very few nails sticking out on the inside surface. Each Kasskonnen brotform is carefully crafted to minimize sticking out nails and uneven gaps. Hand crafted bread molds made of cane, "brotform", also known as brotformen or banneton, are used to form and shape artisan loaves during the proofing/raising stage. Before You Use it The First Time - Wipe it with a cloth towel.

- Size: 10.5''dia x 3.5"H- Dough Weight: approx 2.5 lb

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