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Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness Pasta Machine - Stainless


ATLAS 150 is absolutely the most versatile Manual Pasta Machine available on the market today and also the most widely sold.

Marcato's pasta machines are made with aluminium rollers, which do not release heavy metals. Marcato decided to use light alloy because it is remarkable for its ability to resist corrosion and it is the most widely used non-ferrous metal for food packaging and cookware.

As a matter of fact, Marcato prides himself on 5 international patents. These amazing innovations have been achieved in order to guarantee a fresh and safe homemade pasta. Dried pasta is good. Fresh pasta is extraordinary. The techniques are not difficult and the result is well worth it. Press a ball of dough through two rollers to form a uniformly thin sheet for slicing into fettuccine or noodles.

- Table top manual pasta maker
- 1.5 mm and 6.5 mm cutters
- Clamp model
- Hand operated cutter

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