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Microplane Cube Grater - Black


The Cube Grater is a multi-functional and diminutively sized tool that reimagines the functionality of a traditional box grater as a highly compact, space-saving gadget that playfully recalls the shape of the Rubik's cube toy.

Measuring a mere 3.25 x 3.25-inches in diameter - the Cube Grater's small size belies its powerful ability to quickly and flawlessly grate a myriad of soft and hard ingredients. To ensure optimum performance, the Cube Grater features three original Microplane Made-in-the-USA blades: Fine, Ribbon and Coarse.

Combining three of the most popular Microplane surgical steel blades, the Cube Grater offers home chefs a versatile and fun-to-use tool to tackle a host of food prep tasks. Key features also include a durable, transparent cover that doubles as a catch feature with 1 1/2 cup capacity and measurement marks on three sides.

The Fine blade is ideal for grating citrus for aromatic, flavor-packed zest, without lifting the bitter pith underneath the peel. The Fine blade also excels at grating aromatics, such as shallots, onions, garlic, ginger, and, and transforming Parmesan cheese into powdery mounds for garnishing pasta and other savory dishes.

The Ribbon blade, which conveniently grates in both directions, is the ideal tool for grating chocolate, apple, soft and hard cheeses, and myriad vegetables for a beautiful salad -- such as onion, cabbage and zucchini.

The Coarse blade is the best match for grating medium to hard cheeses, such as Parmesan, Romano and cheddar, as well as grating a wide range of fruits and vegetables, from apples and coconuts, to carrots and potatoes.

Dishwasher safe for speedy clean up (hand-washing is recommended for the cover)

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