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Mosa 0.5L Whip Cream Dispenser


Make fresh whipped cream, chef-style sweet and savoury toppings, sauces and mousses in seconds with Mosa's Tall Cream and Dessert Whipper. It's perfect for garnishing cappuccinos, coffees, shakes and ice cream. Whether it's for a house full of holiday guests or treating yourself on a rainy afternoon, you can turn luscious dreams into reality with Mosa's Tall Cream and Dessert Whipper. 

It's easy to use; simply add cream (depending on your recipe you may use additional ingredients such as chocolate, flavoured coffee mix, vanilla or powdered sugar), charge the unit, shake, and while holding the whipper vertically with the decorating nozzle pointed downwards, dispense your whipped topping. 

- Keep whipper in the refrigerator 
- Food grade enamel coated inner lining, white enamel exterior - When stored properly, the whipper's contents remain fresh and ready to use for up to two weeks
- Capacity: 1/2-Liter / 1 Pint capacity 

Requires Cream Charger to operate; Cream Chargers sold separately.

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