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Ruby Bourbon East Van Jam


Tough girl rum-runner meets backyard rhubarb for a match made in…well…a dark corner of some forgotten shack. She’s a gal with a trick or two up her sleeve and she’ll protect her right to a swig of that smoky, liquid gold so long as she’s still standin’.

With only a hint of strawberry to keep the rosy glow, this jam is an all-out Rhubarb and Bourbon brawl!

***enjoy Ruby on a scone or daringly use this jam to surprise your ice cream!

Ingredients: Westham Island and backyard Rhubarb, sugar, Bourbon, lemon juice, pectin, ascorbic acid

East Van Jam is committed to producing low-sugar jams using BC sourced fruit. The sugar to fruit ratio is ~1:4 - approximately 1/4 the amount found in conventional jams. With gourmet flavour pairings and food is grown, made AND to the maker behind the brand. Currently all hand made in small batches, some flavours are available seasonally while others (with asterix *) are available year-round. Efforts are being made to source frozen local fruit in order to make more flavours available year-round. All natural ingredients; citrus pectin; no preservatives.

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