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Staub Braiser Chistera 4qt/3.7L Grenadine

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A new addition to the Staub enamelled cast iron collection, this Chistera Drop-Structure cookware combines versatility of use and the compact size of a braiser with guaranteed cooking quality, thanks to Staub's continuous self-basting feature. Its secret: a convex lid covered with uniquely formed elements inspired by the Basque Pelota Chistera. The self-basting performance of this convex lid compares to that of the famous Staub cocotte with its flat lid with spikes. Combined with our special matt black enamelled interior - perfect for browning / braising, every culinary creation is sure to taste as wonderful as these vessels look.

- Capacity: 3.8L/4.0Qt
- Dimensions: 28cm / 11-in.
- Domed lid with unique Chistera drop structure ensures an even flow and redistribution of moisture throughout
- Exterior with at least 2 coats of coloured enamel
- Internal coats of specially formulated black matte enamel
- Suitable for all cook tops including induction
- Dishwasher safe, hand washing recommended

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