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OXO Apple Corer and Divider


One second is all it takes to yield perfectly cut fruit slices with this tool by Oxo. Also a great tool for pears, the apple divider's soft, oversize rubber handles relieve and absorb the pressure from your hands for a nearly effortless cut. Positioned at an angle upward from the blade base, the handles ensure that hands and fingers have ample clearance from tabletops and cutting boards.

Stainless steel makes the blades easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

Product Features:

-  Lifted, nonslip handles keep hands above the cutting surface
- Rubber handles absorb pressure, putting less tension on hands
- Cores and evenly slices fruit with one maneuver
- Stainless-steel blades glide easily through fruit and tough skins
- Safe to use in dishwasher

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